Date: June 10, 2017 9:30 am -4:30 pm

Location: Calgary, U OF C ( Room ST 27)

Registration fee: $ 30 ( will be collected later).

This workshop qualifies for support through AOA Grant Policy.
The purpose of this workshop is to introduce orienteering coaches to the Analyze Performance (AP) model for training athletes, and to clarify the coach's responsibilities for Supporting the Competitive Experience (SCE) of an athlete. Trained Orienteering Community Coaches are encouraged to attend, as are NCCP coaches from other sports. If you are considering being certified as a Competition-Introduction coach, you will be required to take three other NCCP courses, 'Planning a Practice', 'Teaching and Learning' and 'Make Ethical Decisions' either before or after this workshop. Prospective Comp-Intro Coaches are experienced orienteers who wish to further develop their coaching skills. Orienteering Canada has aligned the curriculum for the training of Comp-Intro coaches with young athletes in the Train to Train stages of the Long Term Athlete Development Model. (LTAD). The Program can easily be adapted to older age groups as a starting stage for the Active for Life participants.


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